Arabian Sea – A Pictorial Foray in Kerala and Maharashtra

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Ffishing jetty; Kasaragod; Kerala; Arabian Sea; sky; India; uasatish;

Arabian Sea borders the western coast of India. It got its name from the Arab merchants who did maritime trade with India. The sea is a part of Indian Ocean.  Arabian Sea mingles with the waters of Bay of Bengal off the coast of Dhanushkodi. The Queen of Arabian Sea is Kochi which is the hub for international spice trade. …

Forts With History in India – A Photo Essay

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Bekal Beach; Kerala; India; beach; sea; sand; sky; uasatish; forts with history;
Beach Below Bekal Fort

Forts with history have been around for hundreds of years. They help in protecting an area or kingdom from enemy attacks. The strong fort walls of masonry and stone shielded the garrison from bombardment. Arthashastra, the ancient Indian thesis on military strategy, economics and statecraft, mentions six different types of forts. …

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