Umamaheswara Temple Kayalam in Kozhikode

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Umamaheswara Temple Kayalam is 10.6 km from  Calicut Medical College. The principal deity is Umamaheshwara.


It is an ancient temple and could be more than 200 years old, according to people in the area. Not many details are known. The temple has become increasingly sought-after by devotees in recent times. If someone has more information on the history, please leave a comment.


Sreekovil with Dwarapalakas

The sreekovil of Umamaheshwara Temple Kayalam faces east. The sanctum of Durga Devi and Bhadrakali stands right opposite and has entrances to the east and west. Elsewhere there are pratishtas of Ganapathy and Sri Subramnyam. 


Umamaheshwara is a benign form of the divine couple, Shiva (Maheshwara) and Parvati (Uma). The sculptures of Umamaheshwara are found in several South Indian temples. Lord Shiva is the God of mercy and compassion while His consort Parvati grants the blessing of Saubhagya to women. Shiva is a manifestation of Purusha while Parvati represents Prakriti. The Umamaheshwari pooja is offered to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for a happy marital life.

Architecture of Umamaheshwara Temple Kayalam

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Umamaheshwara Temple Kayalam has a traditional Kerala architectural style. The roof is sloping with red clay tiles. The temple has a rectangular shape with walls on all four sides. The sreekovil is an independent structure, detached from the other structures of the temple complex. The Sreekovil has Dwarapalakas carved on both sides of the entrance. Only the main and second priests are allowed to enter Sreekovil.

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Temple Well

The sreekovil is enclosed in a rectangular structure called the Chuttambalam. The temple has a well in the north-east of the chuttambalam. The priests make use of water from the well for the temple rituals and preparation of nivedyam.

Poo jas and Offerings

The temple offers many poojas and vazhipadus. Umamaheshwara Pooja is very popular among the devotees. Shiva and Parvati are the deities of this pooja. The celestial couple has an admirable marital accord. Their blessings reinforce the relationship between husband and wife and add to the conjugal happiness. The cost for the pooja is Rs 300. Ganapati Homam will set you back by Rs.150.

Payment in advance is mandatory for all the poojas.  You can make payments at the temple counter or through online bank transfers. For details, contact +91 82898 79092.

Getting There

Calicut Medical College is 10.6 km (22 min) from Umamaheshwara Temple Kayalam.  River Chaliyar courses nearby. Kozhikode Railway Station by road is 17.3 km (39 min). Parking is available.
Address: Umamaheshwara Temple, Kayalam, Mavoor 673 661 Kerala

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