Mangeshi Temple – Ancient Temple Dedicated to Lord Shiva

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Mangeshi Temple is a beautiful temple in Goa and dedicated to Lord Mangueshi, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple is one of the most popular in Goa and attracts many devotees. The ancient temple has a history that goes back 450 years.

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Mangeshi Temple Building
Temple Complex in Mageshi

Mangeshi Temple is on a hillock. You have to go up a flight of stairs to reach the place. Devotees are expected to …

Ozran Beach in North Goa (Little Vagator)

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Ozran Beach is in North Goa. It is also known as Little Vagator because it is near Vagator Beach. Ozran Beach is small and quiet. A striking feature of the beach is that you have to climb down a steep cliff to reach the place. Ozran Beach is at the bottom of a palm fringed cliff. There are a fewshacks down there and also the famous Shiva Rock is at one end of this beach. …