Thalassery Mahe Bypass on National Highway 66

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Thalassery Mahe Bypass stretches for 18.6km. It links Muzhappilangad in Kannur with Azhiyoor in Kozhikode and skirts the congested seaside towns of Thalassery and Mahe. The travel time for the trip has dropped down from 45min to 14min.

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Illuminated Road


Originally proposed in 1977, the bypass project took a notable step forward in 2018 when Union Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurated its construction work. The cost, including land acquisition, amounted to Rs 1,181 crores. Government of Kerala consented to contribute 25% of the land acquisition cost of Rs. 5,748 Cr for the 16 ongoing projects on NH-66. Of this, Rs. 5,581 Cr had been paid. Further, Government of Kerala has confirmed that they will bear 25% of the cost of land acquisition, amounting to Rs.4,440 crore, for the upcoming three Greenfield NH projects.

Massive protests against land acquisition led to long  delays. Floods and the Covid epidemic slowed down the project. In 2020, a bridge under construction on the stretch had collapsed, further holding up completion of the work.

The six-lane road construction took up 85.5 acres of land. The road passes over four bridges at Anjarakandi, Kuyyali, Dharmadam, and Mahe. It hosts 21 underpasses, a railway flyover and a toll plaza.  The bypass was inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on 11 March 2024 through a video conference. This is the first six-lane road in Malabar and constructed under the National Highway Development Project.

Thalassery Mahe Bypass; NH 66; Kerala; India; uasatish; road travel; India; drone view;
A Drone View

Structure of the Thalassery Mahe Bypass

Due to the high density of population and elevated land value, National Highway 66 will be limited in Kerala to a width of 45 metres, with six lanes. NH 66 passes through hills, forests, rivers, rivulets and streams which flow westwards towards the Arabian Sea. Most of the region has coconut plantations throughout, with paddy fields and arecanut gardens. Mangrove forests thrive by the coast of Thalassery and Mahe.

The road has barriers bordering both the sides. Travellers in cars will not be able to look out on the beautiful coutryside. There are exit/inlet points near Thalassery, Palloor and Mahe. Peringadi Spinning Mill Road junction near Chokli is the only junction on the route with traffic signals. Speed limit is 80km.

Palloor Exit; NH 66; India; uasatish; road travel;
Palloor Exit

Bypass Toll

For a seamless toll payment experience, the Toll Plaza  at Kolassery possesses a dedicated FASTag service . This ensures a smooth flow of traffic without stoppages.

The toll rates for cars and jeeps are fixed at Rs. 65 one way and for buses Rs 225. Additionally there is a monthly package at Rs 320 and available exclusively for the residents who live within a 20 km radius of the toll plaza. The toll rates are subject to revision from time to time.

Chokli *Traffic Signal; Chokli; Kerala; NH 66; uasatish;
Chokli Traffic Junction

Ultimately the Thalassery-Mahe Bypass promises to transform travel between Muzhapilangad and Azhiyoor by reducing travel time and promoting rapid real estate development.

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