Kalamb Beach – Photo Essay of a Big Beach

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India; Mumbai; outdoor; uasatish; boat;

Kalamb Beach is clean and big. It is 6 km from Nallasopara West. The beach is not teeming with crowds as it is not a renowned tourist destination. During low tide, the sea recedes a fair distance. The sands are dark in colour, may be because of the presence of minerals. Rajodi Beach is 4.5 km to the north. Kalamb is the fourth beach in row after Arnala beachNavapur beach and Rajodi beach.

Kalamb Beach; India; Mumbai; outdoor; uasatish; camel;
Camel Ride

Activities on Kalamb Beach

In the evenings, camel rides are a popular activity for families. The kids enjoy the rides. The water appears black because of the sand colour, but it is clean and free of floating trash, unlike the major beaches in Mumbai.

Kalamb Beach; India; Mumbai; outdoor; uasatish;
Kalamb Beach

Kalamb beach stretches for a few kilometres and sometimes wears a deserted look. Seagulls and small birds hover near the water line.

Kalamb Beach; India; Mumbai; outdoor; uasatish; boat;

Some fishing boats were seen on the beach, apparently abandoned and in disrepair.

Kalamb Beach; India; Mumbai; outdoor; uasatish; car;
Red Car on Kalamb Beach

Cars and bikes freely enter Kalamb beach. The sea comes in at high tide and the wet sand makes it easy to ride on.

Kalamb Beach; India; Mumbai; outdoor; uasatish;

You can drive your car on to the beach. The cars and bikes leave a long trail of tyre tracks on the beach. Some people apparently come to the beach to catch up on their driving lessons. The beach may not seem clean at first. But as you go away from the entrance, it has a clean coast and clear waters. 

Kalamb Beach; India; Mumbai; outdoor; uasatish; boat;
Ebb Tide

This boat made a nice picture at the water’s edge, with reflections showing up on the wet sand. As the sun settled low on the horizon, people turned their eyes towards the beautiful sunset. The waves were not big and gently lapped the shore.

India; Mumbai; outdoor; uasatish; boats;
Red Sun

There were a few boats anchored on the sea. The red sun and the waves made a beautiful picture. The beach is in a rather secluded location. Visitors should not stay beyond sunset for security reasons. After sunset, the area becomes dark with few or no lights. The locals may turn up at the beach after dark to consume liquor, which could be distressing.

Getting There

The beach is 5.4 km (17 min) from Nallasopara East, via Wagholi-Nirmal Road and Kalamb Beach Road. Vasai Road railway station is a drive of 11.0 km (31 min) via Tarkhad Road. The short stretch from Nirmal junction to the beach can get crowded in the evenings.

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