Zero Point Sikkim- the Last Frontier Near China

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Zero Point; Sikkim; India; mountain; snow; sky; clouds; uasatish;
Mountain in Zero Point

Zero Point Sikkim is close to the international border with China in North Sikkim. The road from Lachung ends here. Civilians cannot venture beyond. Visitors to the border area need to procure a permit from the military authorities in Gangtok. Your travel agent will do the job.

Sikkim; India; Zero Point; mountains; sky; clouds; uasatish; road; Zero Point Sikkim;
Road to Zero Point

Road to Zero Point Sikkim

Zero Point is 51 km from Lachung. Although the route is scenic, the mountain roads are not in good condition. So the journey may take about three hours. It will be advisable to start early at 6:30 am and drive straight to Zero Point. Before noon, you can start the return journey. Yumthang Valley can be visited on the return leg.

Jalebi Point

As you approach Zero Point, you will come across an army camp at 13,700 feet. The place has been interestingly named Jalebi Point. We had garam chai and snacks at the army canteen.

Sikkim; India; Zero Point; mountains; sky; clouds; uasatish; road; Zero Point Sikkim;
Himalayan Peaks

Himalayan Mountains

Zero Point is bordered by mountains. On the other side of the mountains lies People’s Republic of China. The mountains are covered with snow during most of the year. We had gone there in June and much of the snow had melted.

Rhododendrons; flowers; Sikkim; India; uasatish; Zero Point Sikkim;

Army Presence

Being a sensitive border area, the army maintains a significant presence here. They guard the borders throughout the year, in good weather and bad. Convoys of big army trucks passed us from time to time.

Rhododendrons; flowers; mountain slope; Sikkim; India; uasatish;
Mountain Slope Covered with Rhododendrons

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the area will be in the months of April and May. The lower stretches of the mountains will be covered with beautiful Rhododendron flowers. During winter, it can be bitterly cold. Snowfall may blanket the roads. Landslides are not uncommon.

Sikkim; India; mountain flower; uasatish;
Mountain Flower

High Altitude

Zero Point is at an altitude of 15,300 feet. Oxygen levels are low at this elevation. Heavy physical activities may result in breathing problems and dizziness. Be sure to carry your medicines since you will not come by medical shops or hospitals in the sector. There are no ATMs in Zero Point and you must carry enough cash.

Sikkim; India; Zero Point; mountains; sky; clouds; uasatish;

Road-Side Shacks

There are road-side shacks at Zero Point which serve noodles, tea, coffee and even alcoholic drinks. You can hire jackets, gloves and boots if needed. The shops pack up at around 12:30 pm as the weather may turn bad in the afternoons.

Sikkim; India; river; rocks; mountains; sky; clouds; rocks; uasatish;
Tributary of River Teesta

Parking Area

The parking lot at Zero Point Sikkim accommodates some 150 cars and jeeps. Diesel fumes added to the discomfort in the thin air. The traffic was chaotic. Extricating our vehicle from the place was time consuming. Garbage disposal seemed to be in a muddle.

Sikkim; India; Zero Point; mountains; sky; clouds; uasatish;
Old Helipad

There is an old helipad at Zero Point. Security forces may have used the helipad.

Sikkim; India; Zero Point; mountains; sky; clouds; uasatish;
Zero Point

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