Konkan Train Travel – A Fascinating Experience

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Konkan train travel is scenic. It has several tunnels along the way. Arabian Sea is on the west while Sahyadri mountains are on the eastern side. Picturesque villages, rice fields, streams andlakes can be seen on both sides of the track. During winter months, mists cover the area in the mornings. Trains must move slowly. I shot the photo below when my train had halted at Roha Station.

Small Stations – Konkan Train Travel

There are a number of small stations on the route where fast trains do not stop. Sometimes there are hardly any sign of people or houses in the vicinity. The stations themselves offer few facilities to the travellers. See the photo of Khed Station below where Netravathi Express had stopped to let another train cross.

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Netravathi Express at Khed Station

After rains, greenery carpets the whole region. Rice fields look lush and beautiful. The rivers and streams are full of rain water.

Konkan Pasture; travel blog; uasatish;
Konkan Pasture

I have shot most of the images from moving trains using my point and shoot camera. In the next photo, the clouds are low in the sky. The small hill appeared to be smoking from the top.

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Smoky Hill

Roll-on Roll-Off Services

Konkan Railways offer roll-on roll-off services to trucks. The vehicles are transported on trains. The scheme offers cost and time benefits to the truckers.

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Trucks Being Transported on Trains

Ukshi is another small station on the route. It has a lot of greenery and small streams surround it. It is the only station in India where a part of the platform is inside a tunnel.

Ukshi Station; Konkan Railway; travel blog; India; uasatish;
Ukshi Station

A scene which caught my eye was that of a little red house at the foothill of a green hill. It is in a rather remote location.

Little Red House; Konkan; travel blog; uasatish;
Little Red House

Ratnagiri Station

Ratnagiri is the largest station in Konkan. All trains halt here for a few minutes. Ratnagiri has a small port and is a fishing centre. It is situated on the Arabian Sea coast at the mouth of the Kajali River. Travellers can visit Ratnadurga fort near the harbour. It was built during the Bijapur dynasty and strengthened in 1670 by the Maratha king Shivaji. The sea surrounds it on three sides. Inside the fort are a Bhagawati temple and lghthouse.

Ratnadurga Fort; Ratnagiri; travel blog; uasatish;
Ratnadurga Fort

As the sun goes down, the rivers and streams reflect the beautiful colours of the sky. I shot this photo somewhere near Ratnagiri.

Dusk, river, outdoor, India, travel, uasatish
Falling Dusk

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