Florence Attractions – Top Six of A Romantic Town

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Florence attractions top six include masterpieces of Renaissance art. Its food and wine are justly famous. Florence is a romantic town with narrow streets and heritage buildings. Visitors from around the world throng the town.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

Cathedral of Florence is a major landmark. You can easily view its dome with red terracotta tiles. Visitors can climb to the top of the dome by a staircase with 463 steps. Lift is not available. The cathedral is a 12 minute walk from Florence’s Santa Maria Novella station.

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Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

The interior is vast. There are beautiful stained glass windows and paintings. In front of the cathedral is the Baptistry of St. John. It has an octagonal plan. It is famous for its three bronze doors which depict the life of John the Baptist.

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The Altar in Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

Basilica of Santa Croce

This is a beautiful and historic basilica. It is 1 km to the east of  Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. The church holds the tombs of some Italian greats: Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli, Rossini and others. The place is not crowded. There is no need to pre-book tickets. Entry is free if you hold a Firenze Card.

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Basilica of Santa Croce

It is the principal Franciscan church of Florence. St. Francis founded the church. Construction of the present church may have started in 1294 and was funded by the city’s wealthiest families.

It is a vast church and well-known for its Florentine art. On the walls are frescoes by Italian masters: Giotto, Donatello and  Toddeo Gaddi. Outside the church you will come across some fabulous restaurants and gelatorias.

Ponte Vechhio – Florence Attractions

Ponte Vechhio or Old Bridge is a romantic spot in Florence. It has great views across River Arno. On both sides of the bridge are jewellery shops. Guests cram the shops during the day. At night, the bridge is a lovely place for a stroll.

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Ponte Vecchio

This was the only bridge across River Arno until 1218. The bridge was reconstructed after the flood in 1345. It has withstood the ravages of World War II and the catastrophic flood of 1966.

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Bridges Across Arno River

Today there are several bridges across the river. You can see them when you look out from Ponte Vechhio. The views are fantastic, more so at sunset.

Accademia Gallery

Accademia Gallery draws visitors from all over the world. Its foremost claim to fame is Michelangelo’s David. It has been housed in the museum since 1873. The beautiful marble sculpture is nearly 4.5 metres tall. It is an exquisite work of art.

Michelangelo's David; marble sculpture; Accademia Gallery; indoor; travel; uasatish;
Michelangelo’s David

There are other famous sculptures and Renaissance paintings by Florentine masters of 14th and 15th centuries. The glazed terracotta sculptures shown below are by Andrea Della Robbia and Luca Della Robbia the Younger. Early sixteenth century.

Announcing Angel and Virgin Annunciate; glazed terracotta sculptures; Accademia Gallery; indoor; travel; uasatish;
Announcing Angel and Virgin Annunciate

Uffizi Gallery One of the Florence Attractions

This is one of the great art museums in Europe. It is a must see for Renaissance art. Many of the works of art have a religious flavour. Masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli, among others, are on display. The sculpture of Hercules and Centaur Nessus is credted to Giovanni Caccini, celebrated Tuscan sculptor.

Hercules and Nessus; sculpture; Uffizi Gallery; Firenze; Italy; Italia; indoor; travel; uasatish;
Hercules and Nessus

The Tribuna (Tribune) is one of the prime attractions in the gallery. The octagonal room was completed in 1584. Several priceless artworks are on display here. Visitors cannot enter the room. We could however view the exhibits through a grill door.

Tribuna; Uffizi Gallery; room no 38; travel; indoor; works of art; uasatish;
Tribune – Room no. 38 in Uffizi Gallery

Piazza della Signoria

Piazza della Signoria is the main square and one of the Florence attractions. It has an L-shape. Around it are many sculptures. The Neptune Fountain (1575) is the work of sculptor Bartolomeo Ammannati. Visitors will see a copy of Michelangelo’s David in the square. Giambologna’s Rape of the Sabines is one of the many beautiful sculptures here.

Neptune Fountain; Piazza Della Signoria; Florence; Italy; Firenze; sculpture; outdoor; travel; uasatish;
Neptune Fountain in Piazza della Signoria

Palazzo Vechhio is the town hall of Florence. It looks across Piazza della Signoria. The architecture is remarkable. Entry is free. There are many shops and restaurants in the area.

Palazzo Vecchio; town hall; Florence; travel blog; uasatish;
Palazzo Vecchio

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