Dhanushkodi ghost town near Rameswaram

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Dhanushkdi; ghost town; Tamil Nadu; ruins; uasatish;
Church Without a Roof

Dhanushkodi is an abandoned town which was devastated by a mega cyclone in 1964. Subsequently the place remains uninhabited  but for a few fishermen. At the south-eastern tip of Dhanushkodi you see the waters of Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, side by side.

Churh without roof; ruins; Tamil Nadu; uasatish; Rameswaram;
Church Ruins

Mythology of Dhanushkodi

Lord Rama had ordered Lord Hanuman to build a bridge connecting Dhanushkodi and Sri Lanka. As one would expect, Hanuman and his Vanara Sena constructed the bridge. This is the Ram Setu that we have read about in Valmiki Ramayana.   Lord Rama crossed over with his army and rescued his abducted wife Sita from demon king Ravana. Afterwards Lord Rama broke the bridge with his bow and arrow.

NASA had released satellite images which show traces of what could be Ram Setu. The bridge is 48 km long and linked Dhanushkodi and Mannar in Sri Lanka.

coral; church wall; Dhanushkodi; ndia; uasatish;
Coral in Church Wall

Destructive Cyclone of 1964

On the night of 22 December 1964, a mega cyclone struck Dhanushkodi and Rameswaram. The wind velocity was 280 km/hour and tidal waves rose to a height of 23 feet. All the  115 passengers on board the Pamban -Dhanushkodi train on the meter gauge line perished. The entire town was isolated and about 1,800 people lost their lives. Later the government declared Dhanushkodi as an abandoned town.

beach point; Dhanushkodi; Rameswaram; uasatish;
Dhanushkodi Beach Point

Abandoned Town of Dhanushkodi

At the tip of Dhanushkodi is Beach Point. When you look out from there, you will find Indian Ocean on the right and Bay of Bengal on the left. Indian Ocean is turbulent and Bay of Bengal placid. Both have different colours. The sea in Palk Strait and around Rameswaram island turns a remarkable dark shade of  green due to the presence of marine algae. The algae spreads in the sea from July to September. During this period the colour shifts to green.

old railway station; ruins; uasatish;
Remnants of Railway Station

Beach Point is 24 km to the west of Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. I could get the network of Airtel Sri Lanka on my mobile phone while we were there.

Indian Ocean; beach point; uasatish; Tamil Nadu;
Indian Ocean Off Dhanushkodi

A focal point here is the Ashoka Chakra on  a pillar. Several Ayyappas had gathered around it to take photos. There are no washrooms for visitors and no electricity either. At lunch time, the locals sell fried fish in stalls by the roadside. The area gets completely dark after sunset.

hospital building; ruins; uasatish; Rameswaram;
Hospital Building in Ruins

The major reminders of the Dhanushkodi of yesteryear are the church, hospital and railway station. The church has lost its roof. But the walls are still standing and have bricks of coral on them.  Behind the church are thatched huts where you can buy sea shells and memorabilia.

Road to Dhanushkodi; Tamil Nadu' road; uasatish; Rameswaram;
Road to Dhanushkodi

Reaching Dhanuskodi

The best time to visit the place is early morning or evening. When the sun is high above your head, the heat beats down relentlessly.  Rameswaram to Dhanshkodi is 19 km and takes  22 minutes by car. Cars can travel up to Beach Point. At times of bad weather or turbulence in the sea, entry gets blocked by police. The road is good and has the sea on both sides.

ruins; beach; uasatish; Rameswaram;
Ruins on the Beach

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