Chovva Maha Shiva Temple abode of Shiva

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Chovva Maha Shiva Temple; Kannur; Melechovva; uasatish;

Sree  Chovva Maha Shiva Temple is one of the major temples in Kerala. Lord Shiva is the principal deity. The temple is 4.8 km (15 min) from Kannur city centre.

Chovva Maha Shiva Temple; Kannur; Kerala; uasatish; Mele Chovva;


The deities of Shiva and Parvathy face east. Other pratishtas are that of Vishnu, Ayyappan, Kali, Ganpathi and Subramanyan. There is also a Gurusthanam.

Chovva Maha Shiva Temple; Kannur; Kerala; uasatish; Mele Chovva;

Pooja and Offerings

The temple timings are 6:00 to 10:00 am and 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Men must wear traditional mundu. Lungi, banian and shirt are taboo. Women may wear saree, set mundu, salwar kameez and skirt/blouse.

Special poojas at the temple are Divasa Pooja, Niramala, Shashti Pooja, Valiya Gurusi and Kalabha Charthu.  Devotees can book vazhipadu online at the temple website.

Chovva Maha Shiva Temple; Kannur; Kerala; uasatish; Mele Chovva;


This is a large temple. Many devotees believe that it is more than 1,000 years old. According to folklore, Kanuwa Maharshi consecrated the temple.

Many centuries back, the temple administration was in the hands of landlords. The Brahmin households were prosperous. However the invasion of Tipu Sultan in the eighteenth century changed all that. His army looted and plundered the temple. Many Hindus were subjected to forced conversion.

Tipu Sultan died in the Battle of Srirangapatna in 1799. By then the temple had forfeited much of its assets and acclaim.

Chovva Maha Shiva Temple; Kannur; Kerala; uasatish; Mele Chovva;
Old Wooden Weighing Scale

Getting to Chovva Maha Shiva Temple

There are frequent buses from Kannur New Bus Terminal to Chovva Maha Shiva Temple. The bus route is on the busy NH 66 which links Panvel and Kanyakumari. You have to get down at the Mele Chovva bus stop. The buses get crowded in the mornings and evenings. Alternative modes of transport are taxis and autorickshaws.

The nearest airport is Kannur International Airport. It is at a distance of 23.2 km (42 min).

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