Eleven Street Photos from Around the World

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I have shown here a selection of eleven street photos from India and outside. These are candid images. None of them is posed or manipulated. The cameras that I used include SLR, mobile  phone and point & shoot. The locations cover city areas, crowded street, mountain road, bamboo forest and a medieval town.

1. Street Photo of Rome

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Cobblestone Street

This street is somewhere in the city centre of Rome. It is a narrow cobblestone street and lined with …

Long Haul Flights six tips to survive and reduce stress

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Modern aircraft can travel long distances. But this also means that flights are longer. Long haul flights, lasting four hours or more, can be stressful. Although the stress cannot be totally eliminated, here are some tips to minimise them.

Mona Lisa; paiting; Leonardo da Vinci; Louvre Museum; Paris; France; uasatish;
Mona Lisa – Painting in Louvre Museum


Choose your airline with care. Look up the reviews on them. Find out how good are their service and …

Eleven Churches that I Came Across on My Travels

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Churches can be found all around the world. I have visited many of them in my travels. Some of them are historic and often filled with art treasures. Wealth of Roman Catholic Church is impossible to calculate. Churches in Europe have priceless art, land and gold. I  have here made a collection of my photos of churches, small and big.

1.St. Peter’s Basilica 

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St. Peter’s Basilica is the largest church in the world. It is supposedly built over the  burial site of the apostle St. Peter, the first bishop of Rome. The interiors are vast and filled with art treasures. Michelangelo designed the dome. Opposite the church is St. Peter’s Square. On special occasions such as  Easter, up to 400,000 people turn up at the big square.  And there is a regular stream of faithfuls who travel to Rome to visit the church.

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