Roman Colosseum

The Colosseum was an icon of the Roman Empire. It was a symbol of Roman military might and built by slaves. What struck me at first sight was the gigantic size of the arena. It is an architectural marvel. It must have been quite a place when gladiators and wild animals fought to death.

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Roman Amphitheatre

Old Windmills in Netherlands

I have been fascinated by the old windmills of Netherlands, photos of which I used to come across in print media and on the internet. Although we have windmills in Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Maharashtra , these are the modern types and used in generation of wind power. They look totally different and fail to catch the imagination. So when I visited Netherlands, I headed towards the old village of Zaanse Schans.

windmills; Netherlands; outdoor; uasatish;; sky; clouds;
Windmills in Holland

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