Church of St. Leodegar in Lucerne

We were in Lucerne and were on our way to the Lion Monument. On the way, we came upon the beautiful Church of St. Leodegar. It is also called the Hof Church. Originally built in 735, the present structure was erected in 1633. It is easily identifiable by its twin towers.

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Church Of St. Leodegar


The church is one of the landmarks of Lucerne, Switzerland. It can be reached by a short walk from Chapel Bridge (600 metres). This part of the town has many small souvenir shops and restaurants. …

Top 5 Attractions in Paris

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is one of the best-known landmarks in Paris.   Take the elevator to top of the tower. (The stairs will only take you up to the middle level.) The aerial views of the river Seine and Paris are spectacular.

Buy entry tickets early and avoid the long queues. But do not be disheartened if you are not successful in getting tickets on the internet. You may still be able to grab tickets from the ticket counters.

Eiffel Tower is illuminated at night. So that could be the best time to go there. The Tower has two restaurants. The Champagne Bar serves rose or white champagne.

Eiffel Tower; Paris; uasatish;; outdoor; illuminated; night sky;
Eiffel Tower by Night

Eiffel Tower

When I was planning our trip to Paris, I tried to book entry tickets to the top floor of Eiffel Tower. But I did not meet with success because tickets were fully booked more than a month in advance. However when we reached Eiffel Tower on a rainy evening last month, the queues were not long. As luck would have it, we could buy the tickets at the counter within 10 minutes, We got into the lift and reached the top floor.

Eiffel Tower; Paris; top floor; River Seine; uasatish;; outdoor; aerial view;
The Seine Seen from Eiffel Tower Summit

The views are magnificent. River Seine stretched out in front of us with cruise boats moving around below. On another side could be seen Jardins du Trocadero and the business districts. There was also a game of football in progress down below.

Eiffel Tower; Paris; top floor; Jardins du Trocadero; uasatish;; outdoor; aerial view;
Jardins du Trocadero

The Tower has two restaurants which we did not try out. Champagne Bar serves rose or white champagne. A glass will set you back by Euros 12 to 21.

There were notices put up warning visitors of pickpockets. It will be advisable to not carry valuables or sizeable amounts of cash.

Eiffel Tower; Paris; uasatish;; outdoor; illuminated; night sky;
Eiffel Tower

When we came down the lift, the tower was spectacularly illuminated. This presented us with more photo opportunities.

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