Zaanse Schans Netherlands

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Zaanse Schans can be reached in 40 minutes by bus from Amsterdam Centraal. It was rather windy when we visited. The day was mostly sunny.

 Wooden Windmills; Netherlands; Zaanse Schans; outdoors; water; sky; uasatish;; Zaandam;
Wooden Windmills in Zaanse Schans

What caught the eye first were the old wooden windmills. There are a few of them which are being maintained in good working condition. The mills are used for sawing wood and grinding oil, flowers and spices.

cheese; Netherlands; Zaanse Schans; indoors;uasatish;; Zaandam;
Fresh Cheese

There are several shops selling souvenirs, gifts and cheese. I tasted different types of cheese and finally chose smoked cheese. It was delicious.

duck; Netherlands; Zaanse Schans; outdoors; water; uasatish;; Zaandam;
Getting Out of Water

We found ducks and sheep all over the place. The duck in the photo above walked out of the water and stood motionless till I clicked the shot.

Eiffel Tower

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When I was planning our trip to Paris, I tried to book entry tickets to the top floor of Eiffel Tower. But I did not meet with success because tickets were fully booked more than a month in advance. However when we reached Eiffel Tower on a rainy evening last month, the queues were not long. As luck would have it, we could buy the tickets at the counter within 10 minutes, We got into the lift and reached the top floor.

Eiffel Tower; Paris; top floor; River Seine; uasatish;; outdoor; aerial view;
The Seine Seen from Eiffel Tower Summit

The views are magnificent. River Seine stretched out in front of us with cruise boats moving around below. On another side could be seen Jardins du Trocadero and the business districts. There was also a game of football in progress down below.

Eiffel Tower; Paris; top floor; Jardins du Trocadero; uasatish;; outdoor; aerial view;
Jardins du Trocadero

The Tower has two restaurants which we did not try out. Champagne Bar serves rose or white champagne. A glass will set you back by Euros 12 to 21.

There were notices put up warning visitors of pickpockets. It will be advisable to not carry valuables or sizeable amounts of cash.

Eiffel Tower; Paris; uasatish;; outdoor; illuminated; night sky;
Eiffel Tower

When we came down the lift, the tower was spectacularly illuminated. This presented us with more photo opportunities.

Mount Titlis snow and superb views of Swiss Alps

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Engelberg; Switzerland; uasatish;

Mount Titlis is a great tourist spot in Switzerland. The Bollywood blockbuster DDLJ was shot in Engelberg and other parts of Switzerland. The area has hence become popular with Indian tourists. Mount Titlis on Swiss Alps has snow all the year round. It goes up to around 3,200 m and if the weather is good offers superb views of the distant mountains. …

Gengenbach Germany – Town in Black Forest

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Gengenbach Germany is a small medieval town in the Black Forest. From Offenburg, it is 11.4 km (16 min) by road. Black Forest Railway serves Gengenbach . The railway station is small. You have to buy train tickets using ticketing machines.

Gengenbach; Germany; Black Forest; Scwarzwald; Baden-Wurttemberg; medieval town; uasatish;;
Chapel Atop a Hill

A Walk Around the Medieval Town

Near the Bahnhof is a small chapel on top of a hill. It is surrounded by vineyards.  At the bottom of the hill are grand heritage houses.

Church of St. Marien
Church of St. Marien

Church of St. Marien is near the market square in Gengenbach Germany. It is a beautiful church. We could not enter as it was past 6:00 pm when we reached there.

Gengenbach; Germany; Black Forest; Scwarzwald; Baden-Wurttemberg; medieval town; uasatish;;
Town Square

Market Square

Gengenbach also boasts of a charming town centre. An  eighteenth century gate with a medieval spire dominates the market square. It has cobblestone roads leading to it. Half-timbered houses line both sides. There are pretty flowers in stone planters and even an old wishing well.

Gengenbach; Germany; Black Forest; Scwarzwald; Baden-Wurttemberg; medieval town; uasatish;;
Water Wheel at the Cloister Mill

In my walks around the town, I came across this ancient water wheel at the Cloister Mill.

Vineyards in Gengenbach Germany

Benedictine monks planted the first vines  more than 1,000 years ago. High quality wines are still grown today. These include Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, Grauburgunder, Weissherbst and Spätburgunder Red.

A mild climate preserves the vineyards. Many hours of sunshine boosts the production of excellent wines. Among the well-known wineries in Gengenbach are Burg Stauffenburg, Weingut Danner and Schworer Weingut Weinhaus. Some wineries offer wine tasting tours.

Getting There

Gengenbach is on the Black Forest Railway in Germany. It is 10 km from Offenburg and can also be reached by bus or taxi. Further down the line is Triberg, home to cuckoo clocks and a waterfall. From Basel’s SBB station, ICE trains will take you to Offenburg in 1hour 14min.

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