Cable Cars Gong up to Mount Titlis

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It was a great trip up to the mountains by cable car. The view was lovely. The point of view takes you towards the snow-covered slopes of Mount Titlis. The cable cars passed between fir trees and above a green meadow. There were a couple of cottages down below and a few Swiss cows too. We could hear the cow bells tingle. The scenery quickly transformed itself as the cable cars climbed to Titlis glacier where deep snow covered the landscape.

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Cable Cars Going up to Mount Titlis


The cable car ride is from Engelberg to Mount Titlis. The ride is in two stages. In the first stage, we were in small cars which could seat six. Later we changed over to big Rotair cars for the final ascent.

Technical Data

I was carrying my Canon EOS 550D. I used it in manual mode with the aperture at f/8.0. Shutter speed was 1/200 sec.

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