Beypore Port near Kozhikode second biggest port in Kerala

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Beypore Port; Kozhikode; Kerala; uasatish; port; Beypore;
Entrance to Beypore Port

Beypore port is one of the oldest ports in Kerala. It is the second biggest port in Kerala after Kochi and  handles about 100,000 tons of cargo in a year. The port had direct trade links with Middle East. It was also an important trade and maritime centre during the days of the early Arab and Chinese travellers.  Beypore is an ancient port town, located 11 km from Kozhikode.

Kerala; India; port; uasatish; cannon;
Vintage Cannon at the Gate

Visitors are allowed to enter the port on payment of an entry fee. An old cannon points outwards at the gate. A blue-painted two-storey structure at the entrance is the centre for controlling the movement of vehicles and people.

Beypore Port; Kerala; uasatish; cane; sky; clouds; tree;
The Port

Cargo Handling in Beypore Port

Beypore Port handles general bulk cargo. The nearest competing ports are in Kochi and Mangalore. The closest airport is Calicut International Airport (21.7 km).

Beypore; Kerala; India; port; Beypore Port; uasatish;
Minicoy Anchored at Beypore Port

While I was there, a few ships were were being loaded with cargo. None of them were passenger ships. In operation was a big tower crane which looked like a recent acquisition.

Cargo Ship; uasatish; Kozhikode;
Rajam Tuticorin

Passenger Ships

The port handles 7,500 passengers per annum. Ships operate from Beypore to Lakshadweep Islands. Shipping services are the lifeline of the people of Lakshadweep.

Beypore; Kerala; India; port; Beypore Port; uasatish; tower crane;
Giant Tower Crane

Beypore Port was commissioned on 26 April 1974 by Sri C. Achutha Menon, the then Chief Minister of Kerala. You will see a commemorative plaque in front of the Port Office.

Kerala; India; port; uasatish;
Commemorative Plaque


The port has area limitations. The wharf and approach channel have a depth of 5 metres. The port will undergo development in stages. Facilities like tugs, storage shed and cranes are already in place.

Kerala; India; port; Beypore Port; uasatish; ship;
Jesus Heart Tuticorin

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