Beypore Beach

Beypore; beach; Kerala; India; sea; sky; rocks; uasatish; sand; trees;
The Beach at Beypore

Beypore port is one of the oldest ports in Kerala from where trading was done with countries in the Middle East, China and Europe. It is the second largest port in Kerala after Kochi. Beypore Beach is 13 km (35 min) from Mavoor Road in Kozhikode.

Beypore; Kerala; India; uasatish; pulimuttu; breakwater; sea; sky; rocks;

River Chaliyar empties into the Arabian Sea at Beypore. The southern side of the estuary is Chaliyam and the northern side is Beypore. There are two breakwaters (pulimuttu) constructed at the estuary for safe navigation of ships to Beypore port. The breakwaters stamp out the formation of sand banks at the river mouth.

The striking feature of  the Pulimuttu is cleanliness. Regrettably, most of the lamps on the walkway have been vandalised. So there is no illumination at night. If the weather is good, you can view some spectacular sunsets.

Beypore; Kerala; India; uasatish; lighthouse; sky; sea;
Beypore Lighthouse

At Beypore, the Pulimuttu is 860 metre long and stretches into the sea. It was built in 1992. In the evenings and early mornings,  you can watch bottlenose dolphins cavorting in the sea. Beypore light house,  fishing harbour  and  shipbuilding yard are some of the other attractions here.

Beypore; Kerala; India; uasatish; fishing boat; sea; sky; rocks;
Fishing Boat

A visit to the shipbuilding yard in Beypore is fascinating. One can see the master craftsmen build huge dhows (urus) without the aid of any modern equipment. The dhows are made of teak and other durable woods. The teak is brought down from Nilambur along River Chaliyar. A modern dhow with luxury amenities can cost upwards of Rs 4 crores.

Beypore; Kerala; India; uasatish; boat;
Upturned Boat

Visitors can go up the lighthouse after paying an entry fee of Rs 10 per person. From the top, the panoramic views are breathtaking.

Beypore; Kerala; India; uasatish; plaque; pulimuttu; breakwater;
Plaque at Pulimuttu

The beach itself is littered with garbage. Thee are a few stalls selling snacks and refreshments. Paid parking is available. It is not recommended to linger on the beach after sunset.

Beypore; Kerala; India; uasatish; pulimuttu; breakwater;

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