Eleven Street Photos from Around the World

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Apr 152018
Walking Street; Pattaya; Thailand; street; uasatish;

I have shown here a selection of eleven street photographs from India and outside. These are candid images. None of them is posed or manipulated. The cameras that I used include SLR, mobile  phone and point & shoot. The locations cover city areas, crowded street, mountain road, bamboo forest and a medieval town.

1. Street in Rome
Rome; street; architecture; Italy; cobbled street; uasatish; buildings;

Cobblestone Street

This street is somewhere in the city centre of Rome. It is a narrow cobblestone street and lined with Continue reading »

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Eleven Churches that I Came Across on My Travels

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Jan 222018
Churches can be found all around the world. I have visited many of them in my travels. Some of them are historic and often filled with art treasures. Wealth of Roman Catholic Church is impossible to calculate. Churches in Europe have priceless art, land and gold. I  have here made a collection of my photos of churches, small and big.
1.St. Peter’s Basilica
St. Peter's Basilica; Vatican; Rome; Italy; church; travel; architecture; uasatish;

St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican

St. Peter’s Basilica is the largest church in the world. It is supposedly built Continue reading »

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Top Nine Posts of 2017

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Dec 252017
We have come to the end of an eventful year. We now have a brand new year ahead of us. It is time to choose the top nine posts of 2017.
It was not an easy selection. I had to go by web site traffic and social media engagements to bring you your best-loved posts of 2017.
1. Thruvangad Temple
Sree Ramaswamy Temple; Thiruvangad Temple: Thalassery; Kerala; India; architecture; outdoor; uasatish; building; Thiruvangad; copper clad roof;

Copper Sheeting on the Roof

Sree Ramaswamy Temple in Thalassery is Continue reading »

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Fifteen Bridges to Love

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Dec 042017
Blauwbrug (Blue Bridge); Amsterdam; canal; water; bridge; sky; clouds; uasatish;

Blauwbrug (Blue Bridge)

I have put together a selection of my pictures of bridges. They are from different parts of the world. Some of the bridges are famous while others are historic or have architectural beauty.

Blauwbrug (Blue Bridge) is a historic bridge across the Amstel River. It connects the Rembrandtplein with the Waterlooplein in central Amsterdam. The original seventeenth-century wooden bridge was painted blue. It was replaced by the new bridge in 1884. Its architecture is similar to Continue reading »

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Temples – A Photo Essay

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Jun 052017
temple; India; architecture; uasatish; Wayanad; Kerala; Thirunelly;

Thirunelli Temple

“Go not to the temple to put flowers upon the feet of God,
First fill your own house with the Fragrance of love…”, Rabindranath Tagore had written. Whatever may be the reason for visiting temples, most people find them  Continue reading »

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Beaches – A Photo Essay

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Apr 032017
Utorda Beach; Goa; India; beach; sea; sand; sky; uasatish;

Utorda Beach

I love the beach. I love the sea. All my life I live within – in front of the sea.” These are the words of  Rafael Nadal, popular tennis star. Many people have a fascination for beaches. Now that summer is upon us, it is perhaps the right time to present some photos of beaches that I have been to.

Goa is famous for its beaches. Utorda Beach is in Continue reading »

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Top Ten Posts of 2016

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Jan 012017

You may have had a wonderful new-year eve day with lots of good food and cheerful experiences. We now have a brand new year ahead of us and this looks like the right time to choose the top ten posts of 2016.

From the beginning of 2016, I put the focus of my posts on travel as well as photography. Since then, the site has gained in popularity and page views have steadily climbed up. It was not an easy job for me to select the top 10 posts from last year. I had to some extent depend on the website traffic and social media engagements to bring you your favourite posts of 2016.

St. Peter's Basilica; Vatican City; church; fountain; outdoor; architecture; sky; travel; uasatish; Rome; Roma; Italy; Italia;

St. Peter’s Basilica

General Reflections on Italy is the post based on Continue reading »

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Flowers – A Photo Essay

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Sep 192016
Bougainvillea; Mumbai; Vasai; flower; outdoor; travel; uasatish; India;

Flowers by the Wayside

Flowers add a touch of colour to our daily lives and never fail to cheer us up. They make people happier and more helpful. I have put together Continue reading »

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