Old Windmills in Netherlands

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Mar 212016

I have been fascinated by the old windmills of Netherlands, photos of which I used to come across in print media and on the internet. Although we have windmills in Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Maharashtra , these are the modern types and used in generation of wind power. They look totally different and fail to catch the imagination. So when I visited Netherlands, I headed towards the old village of Zaanse Schans.

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Windmills in Holland

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Tulip Photography in Keukenhof

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Mar 052016

It was a dazzling display of lovely tulips. Tulips bloomed everywhere. It was a fabulous scene in Keukenhof Gardens. The gardens are spread over 32 hectares and 800 types of tulips were on show. Keukenhof is easily accessible from Amsterdam or Schiphol Airport.

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Colourful Tulips

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Top 5 Sights in Amsterdam

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Jan 112016

Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands. It is famous for its canals, narrow houses with gabled facades and windmills. The citizens of Amsterdam are avid cyclists and there are 400 km of cycle paths.

Amsterdam Centraal

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Amsterdam Centraal

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