Zaanse Schans Netherlands

Zaanse Schans can be reached in 40 minutes by bus from Amsterdam Centraal. It was rather windy when we visited. The day was mostly sunny.

 Wooden Windmills; Netherlands; Zaanse Schans; outdoors; water; sky; uasatish;; Zaandam;
Wooden Windmills in Zaanse Schans

What caught the eye first were the old wooden windmills. There are a few of them which are being maintained in good working condition. The mills are used for sawing wood and grinding oil, flowers and spices.

cheese; Netherlands; Zaanse Schans; indoors;uasatish;; Zaandam;
Fresh Cheese

There are several shops selling souvenirs, gifts and cheese. I tasted different types of cheese and finally chose smoked cheese. It was delicious.

duck; Netherlands; Zaanse Schans; outdoors; water; uasatish;; Zaandam;
Getting Out of Water

We found ducks and sheep all over the place. The duck in the photo above walked out of the water and stood motionless till I clicked the shot.