Tribuna – Uffizi Gallery

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Tribuna (Tribune), the octagonal room in Uffizi Gallery, was completed in 1584. The architect was Bernardo Buontalenti. Several priceless artworks are on display here.

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Tribune – Uffizi Gallery


The Tribuna is one of the major attractions in Uffizi Gallery, Florence. Visitors were not allowed to enter the room. We could however view the exhibits through a grill door.

Camera Info

I was using a Canon PowerShot S110 camera. Since I was not able to cover the entire area in one shot, I made a series of 4-5 images and merged them together in Photoshop. I used a wide aperture of f/2.0. Since the use of flash was prohibited, I employed an ISO of 1250.

Please click here to see the image on my Flickr photostream.

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