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Forts With History in India – A Photo Essay

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Bekal Beach; Kerala; India; beach; sea; sand; sky; uasatish; forts with history;

Forts with history have been around for hundreds of years. They help in protecting an area or kingdom from enemy attacks. The strong fort walls of masonry and stone shielded the garrison from bombardment. Arthashastra, the ancient Indian thesis on military strategy, economics and statecraft, mentions six different types of forts. …

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Kerala God’s Own Country a photo essay

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Rolling Hills of Munnar; Kerala God's Own Country; Munnar; uasatish;
Rolling Hills of Munnar

Kerala God’s own country is a phrase created in the 1980s to promote tourism. In Hindu mythology, Lord Parasuraman, an avatar of Vishnu,  created Kerala. He threw his axe to push back the sea and reclaimed a 600 km strip of land for his devotees. Kerala is justly famous for its beaches, lakes, canals and hills. …

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Rivers – A Photo Essay

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Rivers flow close to many towns and cities. Cities near rivers and seas have two big advantages: commerce and sustainability. For example, Kochi, Kolkata and Mangalore have big ports and are also major fishing centres.

It was inevitable that I came across rivers, big and small, in my travels within and outside India.

1. Amstel River


Amstel River; Amsterdam; Netherlands; rivers; uasatish;

Amsterdam is one of the towns that sprung around Amstel River eight centuries ago. Parts of the city lie below the sea level. The river is linked to an intricate system of canals within Amsterdam. Long cycling routes surround the area around Amstel. …

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Temples – A Photo Essay seats of tranquility

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temple; India; architecture; uasatish; Wayanad; Kerala; Thirunelly;
Thirunelli Temple

Temples most people find seats of tranquility, whatever may be the reason for visiting them.  I have put together here a selection of photos from my visits to temples in India.

“Go not to the temple to put flowers upon the feet of God,
First fill your own house with the Fragrance of love…”, Rabindranath Tagore had written. …

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