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I took this shot on a December morning when the the sun was still below the horizon. I had aimed the camera to the east. The horizon and sky had gone into deep blue for a while. This lasted only for about half an hour. This is the blue hour which is experienced before sunrise and after sunset. You can find out your blue hour by visiting BlueHourSite.

The location was the salt pans in Vasai, Maharashtra. The lines formed by boundaries of the salt pans helped in composition. The eyes are drawn to the tree line and mountains farther beyond. This creates a depth to the image.

I had the aperture at f/4.8 and shutter speed was at 1/125 sec. The camera was hand held and the high shutter speed ensured that there was no blur. Focal length was at 17,4 mm to get a wide angle view. You can view the photo on my Flickr page.

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