Photo Break

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Photo Break
I came across a group of young workers laying a new power line. It was close to sunset. I was carrying my camera. They asked me to take their photo and I agreed. So they briefly stopped their work and posed for me. Some were carrying electrical insulators. After I took the shot, I showed it to them on the LCD screen of my Canon EOS 550D. They seemed happy and went back to work.

This photo will be published next month in the Winter 2014 issue of New Labor Forum, a magazine published in New York, USA.


The image was captured near the salt pans of Vasai. The area was without electricity and running water. Many acres of land can be seen with hardly any human habitation.

Technical Data

The camera was in aperture priority mode with an aperture setting of f/8 so as to get a good depth of field. Shutter speed was 1/32 sec and focal length 18 mm.

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