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The old wooden boat seemed abandoned on the beach. It was colourful but was sorely in need of a coat of paint. There was a glow in the sky at sunset. I composed the frame with the boat in the lower foreground. In the background is the beach and sky.

Kalamb Beach; Maharashtra; India; uasatish; https://uasatish.com; beach; Mumbai; nature;

This is Kalamb Beach in Maharashtra. It is to the west of Nallasopara town. The beach is wide and mostly deserted. The sea comes in at high tide as the sea is not deep near the beach.

Camera Data

The lens on my Canon EOS 550D camera was EF50mm f/1.8 II. The aperture was at its widest setting of f/1.8 so that the depth of field was limited. Exposure time was 1/1000sec.

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