A Midsummer’s Evening

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I shot this image in March this year. I directed the camera at the sun. I was able to capture the pretty sunlight. The reflections as well as evening shades look nice too. At bottom one-third of the frame, you can see salt pans with salt crystals showing white.

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A Midsummer’s Evening


The location is Vasai, on the road to Naigaon. On one side of the road, there is a long stretch of salt pans. When the rains start in June, activity on the salt pans comes to a stop. Work picks up again in October.

Camera Data

Camera is Canon EOS 550D. I used an aperture of f/11 to manage the bright sunlight and also to get a good depth of field. Focal length is 55mm at a shutter speed of 1/80 sec.

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