Green Grass

After more than two months of rains in Mumbai and the rest of India, the wetlands of Vasai have fresh growth of grass. The fields are full of water which would recede in the coming months. The sky was overcast when I took the shot. There was a slight drizzle and my Tamrac 5371 photo backpack shielded …

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New Sky, New Land

This is another image of the vast open areas of Vasai. The wetlands are covered with greenery. Mangroves grow in many parts of Vasai. This acts as a natural drainage area for rain water. Many different species of birds can be found here. Pink Flamingos come to feed on blue-green algae, brine shrimp and molluscs …

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Incandescence is the phenomenon of light emission by a body as its temperature is raised. I shot this image on an April evening. The sky was cloudless and sun was just above the horizon. The colours in the sky were dramatic. I underexposed a little to make the colours more rich and defined. I used my …

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