Path to Horizon

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Path to Horizon
Path to Horizon
I took this shot last week. There was a small stream which was leading to the tree line in the distance. The stream reflected the colours of the sky. The sun was low in the horizon and the sky had a golden glow.


The location is the abandoned salt pans of Vasai. The area is vast and open. The water table had gone down. But there was still a stream running across the land.

Camera Info

The camera is Canon EOS 550D. I shot the image in RAW format which helped me capture the warm and soft colours. Aperture was f/8.0 and focal length 18 mm. ISO speed was set to 100. Exposure program was Aperture Priority. I used a shutter speed of  1/20 sec. The camera was hand held.

Season’s greetings and a happy new year to all my friends!

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