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British Machinery; Thalassery Fort; Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; India; outdoor; uasatish;

Ancient British Machinery in Thalassery Fort

Thalassery is often referred to as the city of cricket, cakes and circus.

Cricket was played in Thalassery much before it was introduced in Calcutta in 1860.  Colonel Arthur Wellesley is reputed to have brought cricket to Thalassery in the early 1800s. Thalassery Municipal Cricket Ground hosts Ranji Trophy matches every year. In 2002, the ground celebrated its 200th birthday by hosting a one-day international match between Sri Lanka and India.

Mambally Bakery, the first bakery in the state of Kerala, was established in Thalassery.

Thalassery region is also known for its contributions towards the development of circus. Keeleri Kunhikannan, who introduced many reforms in circus, belonged to Thalassery. He was influential in establishing the first circus institute in Kerala.

Thalassery Fort was built by the British in early eighteenth century to protect and develop their spice trade with India. It is a small fort and overlooks the Arabian Sea. The world famous Tellicherry Pepper is named after this town.

Thalassery Fort; Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; India; outdoor; uasatish; steps;

Steps Leading to Thalassery Fort

The fort is a protected monument and is looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India. There is no entry fee. Visitors are not permitted inside after 6:00 pm.

Thalassery Fort; Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; India; outdoor; uasatish; Lighthouse;

Tellicherry Light House

Inside the fort is a lighthouse which was built in 1835. It has been abandoned. There is a well-maintained garden with picturesque views of the sea. A small colonial church can be seen below the fort, close to the beach.

Thalassery Fort; Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; India; outdoor; uasatish; Thiruvangad Temple; architecture;

Thiruvangad Temple on a Rainy Day

Thiruvangadu Sree Rama Temple is one of the four Sree Rama temples in Kerala. The compassionate deity, Sree Ramaswamy, is known as Thiruvangad Perumal.

Thalassery Fort; Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; India; outdoor; uasatish; Thiruvangad Temple; wall paintings;

Wall Paintings in Thiruvangad Temple

The Sreekovil (sanctum sanctorum) and adjoining areas, with copper-clad roofs, are among the best examples of Kerala temple architecture. The temple structure is brimming with traditional classic wood works and mural paintings.

The coastline of Thalassery is scenic. There are four rivers flowing through the area: Mahe, Anjarakandy, Eranjoli and Koduvally. The video shows Koduvally River flowing into Arabian Sea. It was shot from a moving bus on Koduvally bridge.

Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; India; outdoor; uasatish; Overbury's Folly; steps;

Steps Going up to Watch Tower

Overbury’s Folly is a multi-level landscaped recreational park by the Arabian Sea in Thalassery, Kerala. The name is derived from that of E.N. Overbury who was an English judge in Thalassery (Tellicherry) courts. He started construction of the park in the 1870s, but could not complete it. That is the reason why it is nicknamed Overbury’s Folly.

The waters of Arabian Sea break against the sea wall outside the park. It is built on the slope of a small hill. There are steps leading up to a watch tower. The views from the top are spectacular.

Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; India; outdoor; uasatish; Overbury's Folly; sea;

A Fine Day at Overbury’s Folly

In the late nineteenth century, construction of the park was completed by R. Mukundan Malla, Municipal Chairman of Thalassery. In 1985, a watchtower was built under the supervision of Amitabh Kant, the then Sub Collector.

Dr. Hermann Gundert; Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; India; sculpture; outdoor; uasatish;

Dr. Hermann Gundert, 1814 – 1893

Dr. Hermann Gundert was a German scholar, linguist and missionary. He developed a Malayalam-English dictionary and also helped to translate the Bible into Malayalam. He lived and worked in Thalassery for over two decades. In 2002, he was honoured with a statue in Thallasery. It was unveiled by the then Chief Minister of Kerala, Sri E.K. Nayanar. The sculptor was Sri Jeevan Thomas.

Saidar Palli; mosque; Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; India; mosque; building; architecture; outdoor; uasatish;

Saidar Palli

Saidar Palli is believed to have been built in the twelfth century by Malik Ibn Dinar, a Muslim preacher. This is one among the famous mosques of North Malabar. It is located on the busy Kozhikode-Kannur Highway (NH 17), in the heart of the town. The airport nearest to Thalassery is Calicut International Airport (94 km).

Sree Jagannath Temple; Thalassery; Kerala; India; temple; outdoor; uasatish;

Sree Jagannath Temple

Sree Jagannath Temple in Thalassery is one of the best loved temples in Malabar. The temple was consecrated by Sree Narayana Guru in 1908. He was in the forefront of the fight against untouchability in Kerala. Jagannath Temple opened its doors to Harijans in the 1920s.

Jagannath Temple; Guru Mandiram; Thalassery; Kerala; India; outdoor; uasatish;

Guru Mandiram

A statue of Sree Narayana Guru was installed on the temple premises in 1927. The statue was reportedly made in Italy.

Sree Jagannath Temple; Thalassery; Kerala; wood carvings; temple; uasatish;

Wood Carvings

If you walk past the kodimaram and look up on stepping into the temple, you will see beautiful wood carvings on the ceiling.

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