Under a Banyan Tree

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The old Banyan Tree made a canopy over the road. Standing under the tree, I wished to draw the eye towards the tree while dimming the background. This was easier said than done because sunlight had made the background rather bright. I got around the problem by using a flash in high-speed sync.

The photo made it to Flickr Explore on 1 December 2015.

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Under a Banyan Tree


Location is on the Vasai-Naigaon road, near Naigaon Koliwada. There was a fair amount of vehicular traffic and I had to wait to get a clear shot.

Technical Data

I used my Canon 430 EX II flash in High-Speed Sync. The shutter speed was 1/500 sec to dim the ambient light. The flash zoom was set to 105 mm and this helped me to get the light fall-off. Aperture was f/5.0. Camera was Canon EOS 550D.

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