Startled Deer

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Startled Deer
At first I did not see the deer amidst the greenery of the forest. It was well camouflaged in the shadows, with the spots on its coat appearing like specks of sunlight. The deer was probably as startled as we were when we came face to face. It was looking straight at the camera and I was able to click some photos.


The location was Wayanad in Kerala. We were travelling from Thirunelly to Mananthawadi.  There was thick forest on both sides of the  road. It was 9 in the morning. The sun was up and the light was good.  The car was moving slowly when we came up on the deer.

Camera Data

I used a Sony DSC-W35 camera. Shutter speed was 1/320 sec and it helped to get a sharp image. Aperture was set to f/3.2 at a focal length of 7.2 mm. No flash was used.

This is one of the most viewed photos in my Flickr photostream, with more than 11,000 views. You can view it here.

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