Red Car on Kalamb Beach

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A red car, a Maruti Suzuki Swift, had driven on to the beach and was parked facing the sea. The sky had taken on a pink colour. The tyre marks were visible on the wet sand.  I composed the shot with the car on the bottom left side of the frame. It perhaps looks like a shot from a TV commercial.

Happy Vishu to al my Malayali friends!

Kalamb Beach; Maharashtra; India; uasatish; beach;;
Red Car on Kalamb Beach

This is one more shot from Kalamb Beach. I was not there on a weekend. The place was not crowded with revellers. So I was able to keep people out of the image.

Technical Data

The depth of field is shallow because I used an aperture of f/1.8. I focused on the car. The  sea and sky in the background have a soft look. Exposure time was 1/1250 sec. The lens was Canon 50mm f/1.8.

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