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Better photos with a phone camera is everyone’s dream. A camera is a standard feature in all mobile phones. They are with you most of the time and  is easily accessed from your pocket or bag. In 2018, 142.3 million handsets were shipped in India, a growth of 14.5%. Here’s how tomake the best use of your camera phone.

1. Know your Camera Phone

Cameras in phones are being fitted with better and more features. The User Manual which comes with the handset generally carries only basic information. It will be good to download the complete User Guide from the manufacturer’s website.  You can learn a lot by playing around with the settings and buttons on the phone.

2. Light

Camera phones work best in bright light. The phones work in auto mode. If the light is poor, the shutter speed will go down. If shutter speed goes lower than 1/60 sec, camera shake can occur. This can be countered somewhat by increasing ISO setting. But higher ISO values may lead to grainy images.

Temple Elephant and Red Bus; Kerala God's Own Country; Kochi; uasatish; elephant; mahout; road; Kerala;
Temple Elephant and Red Bus

3. Take More Than One Shot

Take several shots of the same scene till you get good results. You may review the photo after each shot and make necessary adjustments to the  camera settings, composition or lighting.

4. Composition

Many camera phones have grid lines which show up on the screen. This helps you in using the rule of thirds. Key subjects if aligned with the lines create more energy and interest in the frame.

5. Keep the Lens Clean

A fingerprint or smudge on the lens can affect the quality of your photos. Clean the lens with a small microfiber cloth. You can use the polishing cloth which comes with a screen scratch guard. Do not use tissue as it may scratch the lens.

6. Editing

If the pictures turn out dark, do not delete them. You may be able to revive them with photo editing. In Photoshop, you can use Levels or Curves dialog boxes to manage colours and brightness. Photoshop Express is a free, online image editor.

The new Luminar 3 offers a formidable, easy-to-use image editing app with photo management capabilities.

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