Overbury’s Folly

Overbury's Folly; Thalassey; Kerala; India; outdoor; sea; travel; uasatish; park; sky;
Arabian Sea Near Overbury’s Folly

Overbury’s Folly is a multi-level landscaped recreational park by the Arabian Sea in Thalassery, Kerala. The name is derived from that of E.N. Overbury who was an English judge in Thalassery (Tellicherry) courts. He started construction of the park in the 1870s, but could not complete it. That is the reason why it is nicknamed Overbury’s Folly.

Overbury's Folly; Thalassery; Kerala; India; sea; park; outdoor; travel; nature; uasatish;
Overbury’s Folly

The park is in the heart of Thalassery town. It is near Thalassery Municipal Stadium, 1.3 km from the railway station. The waters of Arabian Sea break against the sea wall outside the park. It is built on the slope of a small hill. There are steps leading up to a watch tower. It is covered with graffiti and seemed to be a haunt for love-struck youngsters. The views from the top are spectacular. On a clear day you may be able to catch a glimpse of Dharmadam in the far distance.

Overbury's Folly; Tellicherry; Thalassery; Kerala; India; outdoor; travel; uasatish;
Sea Wall

Overbury’s Folly is open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. An entry fee of Rs. 10 is payable. A snack bar and washrooms have been made available. The area is strewn with benches for visitors to sit and relax.

steps; Overbury's Folly; Tellicherry; Thalassery; Kerala; India; outdoor; park; usatish;
Steps in the Park

In the late nineteenth century, construction of the park was completed by R. Mukundan Malla, Municipal Chairman of Thalassery. In 1985, a watchtower was built under the supervision of Amitabh Kant, the then Sub Collector.  The Sub Collector’s Bungalow is situated near Overbury’s Folly. The open air coffee shop and a view point have been newly added.

Overbury's Folly; Thalassery; Kerala; India; Tellicherry; outdoor; sky; travel; uasatish;
A Fine Day at the Park

Auto drivers may not recognise the name Overbury’s Folly. Direct them to take you to the sea side park near Municipal Stadium. Overbury’s Folly has been recently renovated and is well maintained. The sunsets are worth watching. In the evenings the park is well-lit.

Overbury's Folly; Thalassery; Tellicherry; Kerala; India; outdoor; uasatish; travel; park;
Looking Downhill

The park is a favoured destination for wedding photographers. Newly weds pose for their wedding albums. The shooting sessions can last a few hours.

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