Banyan Tree

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The big Banyan Tree towered over the road. Slanting rays of the sun fell on the tree. Roots of the tree hung low. A touch of colour was provided by the rider on a bike. Receding lines of the road lent depth to the photo.

Banyan Tree; Mumbai; India; uasatish; tree;;
Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree was on the road to Naigaon Koliwada near Mumbai. There was quite a bit of vehicular movement. I had to wait some time to get a clear shot.

Technical Info

The Canon EF-S18-55mm lens was set to a wide angle of 23mm. Aperture was at f/7.1. Exposure time was 1/60sec. The camera is my Canon EOS 550D.

The image was on Flickr Explore at no. 189 on 19 February.

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